KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The work on assessment appeals continues after Jackson County residents saw their property values skyrocket.

The Jackson County Assessment Office said the focus has shifted to property value reviews since the deadline to file an appeal is over.

The office is taking walk-ins for reviews at its office at 1300 Washington Street from 8:30-10 a.m. on weekdays. It will only accept the first 50 people.

Jackson County Assessment Director Gail McCann Beatty said 54,539 people filed an appeal, and 23.8% have been resolved. But there are still 42,379 left to be resolved.

“We are closer to having most of our properties at market value than we’ve ever been,” McCann Beatty said. “I think obviously you’re going to have people that are not totally happy with the outcome, but I think for the most part people have been (pleased).”

McCann Beatty said her office had more appeals then previously but they’re getting them resolved faster.

“Every year we learn something new from the process and something else to it,” McCann Beaty said. “From 2019, we added brokers to our group, so people can come in and meet with brokers on their properties. That’s something that I don’t know any other county is doing at all.”

McCann Beatty has been holding weekly updates on the assessment and appeal process recently, but said this Thursday’s will be the last.