LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Police officers in Lee’s Summit responded to a shooting Wednesday night at Lea McKeighan Park where they discovered three people were shot.

Officers went to the park’s parking lot at about 10:30 p.m. and found a number of people leaving. Investigators said two people went to hospitals in private vehicles, and paramedics took a third from a location near the park.

None of the people hit are said to have life-threatening injuries; their wounds range from minor to serious, according to LSPD.

Lee’s Summit Police say they could be seeking multiple suspects in the shooting. Detectives ask anyone with information about what happened to call 816-969-1752.

The next day, people who used the park were reminded of similar gunfire at the same park about one year ago. In that situation no one was hit, but there are similarities.

“We did hesitate today to come here, just…” Amy Ditamore said.

Ditamore said she heard about Wednesday’s shooting, making her think twice.

“I’ve had teenagers that have come and played on the volleyball courts at night, and I’m always a little hesitant on that one,” she said.

People point to that area, the sand volleyball courts, as the spot of concern. It’s adjacent to the skate park. Keagan McNeall said he visits a lot.

“I like to skate. I have two kids. We come up here all the time and just skate, stay here until the lights turn off at night,” McNeall said.

“Oh no, I’m not scared to come here. I feel like it’s always over there by the volleyball courts,” McNeall said.

It’s surprising for some visitors who noted that the positioning of the park would seemingly make it less likely for a shooting to happen.

“Well, you have Lee’s Summit North High School across the field, and these are all their athletic fields so you always have athletes out here. You’ve got the police station down the block. You’ve got a playground, a gigantic playground, walking trail, splash pad, pickleball court, coffee shops,” Ditamore said.

“I mean, unfortunately, it’s one where you go ‘Oh gosh, what’s it coming to?’ We were actually just talking about it because we both have teenage daughters, and it makes you a little less apt to let them go places because you realize things could happen anywhere,” Ditamore added.