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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police are looking for a gunman and two accomplices who robbed Sarpino’s Pizzeria in Westport early Tuesday morning.

About an hour after the restaurant closed, at about 3:00 a.m. while employees were closing up the store and counting daily receipts, the suspects entered through the still unlocked front door.

“It’s typically protocol for us to have the front door locked at that time of night and for some reason, though, it slipped their mind,” said Andrew Porter, Sarpino’s Pizzeria owner.

One of the suspects had a silver handgun and told everyone to get on the ground.

The suspects tried to pry open the register and for a brief moment, the manager tried to stop them, but thought better of it. They emptied the register and also stole money from a safe.

“Tried to pry open the door and the manager he resisted, but then let it go. It wasn’t worth it, you know. They demanded all of the cash,” said Porter.

The suspects fled the scene on foot. Two were wearing ski masks and gloves. The whole thing lasted only about three minutes.

“As he was leaving, you can see that he was pointing the gun at somebody,” Porter said as he reviewed the surveillance video.

Porter said he plans to beef up security.

“Panic buttons I think are in our future. As well as might put in some additional cameras,” he said.

This was the first robbery at Sarpino’s since the business opened about three years ago.