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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – Kansas City, Kansas police are investigating after three people were found dead inside the same apartment complex in less than 36 hours.

Steven Boro has lived at Wyandotte Towers at 9th Street and Washington Boulevard for 11 years.

He’s been thinking about moving out of the building. Now, he said that’s a sure thing after three of his neighbors were found dead in two days.

“Whatever it is, I just wish it would stop,” Boro said.

Boro tells FOX4 there have been issues over the years but nothing like the last two days.

Police said three people were found dead inside three separate apartments.

FOX4 was told a maintenance worker called police Monday morning after finding the body of a man inside an apartment.

“Well, to be honest with you, I slept with a steel pole next to me because I was scared,” Boro said. “Because I don’t know if someone’s going to come in my apartment and harm me or not.”

Boro woke up the next day to hear that two more bodies were found.

Police said it was a man and a woman in different units.

“At this time, it’s definitely suspicious,” Officer Thomas Tomasic said.

He said they’re still working to find out the cause of death in each case, but all three are being investigated as homicides.

Reporter Regan Porter asked Tomasic: At this point, can you tell me why you think they’re suspicious?

Tomasic tells FOX4 the deaths are being investigated as suspicious because of the manner in which they were found.

“My understanding is, they don’t really look like natural deaths, but there really isn’t a lot to say there is trauma, there isn’t trauma,” he said.

Police said there is regular security guard posted at the door of Wyandotte Towers, and they have security cameras.

Detectives will look through that footage as part of the investigation.

“They’re actually going floor to floor, room to room obviously to make sure everyone’s okay and to see if anyone knows or saw anything,” Tomasic said.

If you have any information call KCKPD, or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.