Three-year-old boy is an authority on his favorite team, the Kansas City Royals

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- A metro family has shared their video of their son, three-year-old Easton Littlejohn, who knows his Royals. He may be the Royals next superfan.

"Who`s playing first base?" asked Easton's dad, Jared.

"Eric Hosmer!" Easton exclaimed in response.

"Who`s playing shortstop?" Jared inquired.

"Escobar!" yelled Easton.

"Who`s playing third base?" Jared asked.

"Moustakas!" said Easton.

While some three-year-olds are just completing potty training and learning full sentences, Easton knows the regular Royals starting lineup by heart.

"Who`s playing catcher?" asks Jared.

"Salvador Perez!" said Easton about his favorite player.

His dad, Jared, is a teacher at Raymore-Peculiar East Middle School, and coaches baseball at the high school. He says his son's love for the game is unbelievable.

"Since he was able to walk, he has swung, wanted to play baseball, wanted to play catch," added Jared.

Easton's mom, Jillian, says he gets quite a bit of attention at the games.

"Every time we take him to the game he gets so excited and animated, I think half the crowd watches him instead of the game," Jillian said.

"He makes plenty of friends around the stadium," said Jared, "He`s always asked a lot of questions, he`s really good at taking in information, he just is always wondered who they are, what they`re doing, and what their numbers are."

Whether he's at the game, watching on TV, or watching his dad coach, he's always invested in the game.

"He doesn't want to play at the playground, he doesn't want to do anything else," said Jillian, "Over time he`s just developed this understanding of baseball I never thought a three-year-old could have."

His love for the game got him interested in his home team, the Royals, and now Easton can't watch a game without showing off his skills.

"When he`s watching the game with his daddy, he always asks daddy to pause it so he can name all the players," Jillian said.

"I think it`s pretty impressive, I don`t have a lot of three-year-old experience, but those of our friends that do are always cracking up and are pretty impressed with his ability and love for baseball," Jared said.

The Littlejohns will be at a game this weekend, where Easton is planning on showcasing his skills.



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