KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Eden Village, a tiny home community for the homeless, is getting closer to opening in Kansas City, Kansas.

“It gives them that stability and that community. It has changed their lives,” Eden Village Board Member Jennifer Schmidt said.

The site now has six of 23 homes complete, which represent a fresh start for people facing chronic homelessness.

“It’s not only just a fix, it’s a really beautiful solution,” Eden Village Board Member Jim Schmidt said.

It was created by the non-profit Three Dog Night, which works to serve the homeless by getting them off the streets and into a new beginning.

“It has given them an opportunity to start over and as Jim mentioned they heal and then they can flourish and go on,” Jennifer Schmidt said.

Chosen applicants will pay a monthly fee and receive access to social services and a community, helping to make their lives better. 

“It’s trying to help your friend survive and thrive and not just make it,” Jim Schmidt said.

They hope to have the first few residents moved in by next spring. Click here to learn more about this project.