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MUSCOTAH, Kan. — The town of Muscotah is trying to make history by creating the world’s largest baseball, using an old water tower.

One man’s idea turned into a project for the entire town.

“When we found out the city was going to put in a new water system, my husband says, ‘Well, I wonder if we could get that water tower down in one piece,” said Muscotah resident C.J. Hanson.

When finished, the water tower which measures 20-feet in diameter, will be the world’s largest baseball.

If fits well in Muscotah, the hometown of Joe Tinker, who played for the Chicago Cubs when they last won the World Series back in 1908.

More than 50 volunteers came out this weekend to help make history.

“We just put out the word about this small town wanting to do something really cool and asked who could come help and who could kick in some money,” said Kansas Sampler Foundation director Marci Penner.

Not only are they decorating the water tower’s dome to look like a baseball, they’re also turning the inside  into a museum and plan to fill it up with Tinker and Muscotah town memorabilia.

“This town has a lot of hometown pride and rich heritage and maybe it’s a little down on its luck right now.  But to have all these people come in and give them all this attention means a lot to them,” Penner said. “Maybe if one good thing happens then the next good thing will happen. It’s a snowball effect we hope to start.”

Like many small towns, Muscotah’s population is shrinking. Only 200 people live there now.

“We all love living here,” Hanson explained. “This is where I grew up. My parents are here.  They’re in their mid 90s. We just don’t want to see it die, so whatever we can do, we’d like to do it.”

Creating the world’s largest baseball is helping Muscotah renew its identity and tell its story.

“To me its just home.  I mean, I cant explain it other than that it’s comforting,” Hanson said.

The town hopes to complete the project and open the museum by the end of the year. They also plan to submit the project to Guiness for the Book of World Records.