KANSAS CITY, Mo. — More businesses than ever are giving you the option to tip, but some customers are pushing back, feeling that they’re now expected to tip on everything.

It’s standard to tip 15-20% when you sit down and are served at a restaurant, but what about getting fast food?

Blame it on technology — and inflation, experts say.

According to the restaurant management company Toast, around 48% of transactions at quick-service restaurants like McDonald’s, Panera and Starbucks included a tip on their credit cards. That’s up nearly 11% from almost three years ago.

But in response, many customers aren’t tipping as much as they used to.

The tipping percentage at quick-service restaurants in late 2022 was 15.9%, down from 16.4% in late 2021. Full-service restaurant tips averaged 19.6% in late 2022, compared to 19.8% in late 2021. And those getting delivery or takeout tipped 14.3% on average.

However, customers in the Midwest continue to be generous to a fault. The Toast survey shows Missouri and Kansas in the top 20 states for tipping.

The most generous people live in Delaware, where they tip on average 21.8%. Indiana and Wyoming are tied for second at 20.8%. Missouri ranks 13th at 20.1% while Kansas ranks 18th at 19.9%.

Experts say inflation is causing many to pull back on spending. People are also becoming overwhelmed with the number of expected tips.

During the pandemic, people were encouraged to tip more to help out restaurant owners and workers, and now restaurants continue to expect the same generosity.