Tips for protecting your spring plants as Kansas City area expects snow, freezing temperatures


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Expected snow this Tuesday isn’t the only threat to your spring plants. Temperatures are going to drop Monday night, and it means you need to make plans for your flowers and plants now. 

Family Tree Nursery general manager Mark Titzman said they’re leaving the perennials outside. They’ll cover some while also setting others under a bench to prevent breaks or bends from any heavy snow.

“Mother Nature built them to be pretty tough, and so you might get a little frost damage on them, but 30s shouldn’t hurt anything,” Titzman said.

Concern grows for the more tender plants come Tuesday and Wednesday when the FOX4 Weather Team expects temperatures to really drop. Record lows are possible for Wednesday.

“And so then I would cover tender perennials — hastas, ferns, things that are just more tender. I would cover those,” Titzman said.

Family Tree isn’t taking any chances. They packed up their annuals to put them in the greenhouse, and he encourages you to do the same. Titzman said you should also take tomato plants and tropical plants inside. 

“Well, I got Lantana,” customer Sue Ford said, “and Lantana loves heat.”

Ford has plans to let her newly purchased Lantana flowers bask in the sun on her deck, but only after the snow and cold melt away. 

“My spot is very sunny, and they will go in the ground again once it warms up,” Ford said. “They don’t like cold. So they’ll all hang out in the garage until it warms up.”

She has tulips outside right now and doesn’t plan to cover them Monday night. 

If temps dip down to 25 degrees later in the week, that could make for a different story.

“If that changes or I start feeling guilty, I’ll run out the blankets,” Ford said. 

“Any of your annuals, tomatoes, tropical plants that you’ve got outside right now, I would move them in,” Titzman said. “I would leave them in through at least Friday and then you can probably put them back out, but I would just watch the weather. It changes all the time. This is Kansas City.”

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