KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tuesday’s weather for trick-or-treating on Halloween night in Kansas City might deliver icy cold temperatures.

Cold conditions are in store for costumed kids and parents, as temperatures are expected to drop after dark. High winds are predicted with gusts up to 25 miles per hour.

Stores that offer costumes, like Brookside Party Warehouse, are busy helping customers look good and keeping warm.

Andrea Taylor, who manages that store, keeps an eye on the weather. Taylor recommends cloaks capes and gloves sold at her store, which will accent costumes while keeping kids safe. Many of those items cost $20 or less. Wearing layers of clothing over top or underneath costumes are also options.

“It’s definitely easy to add an extra layer, add some cute gloves or some tights to get an extra layer for those cute costumes you had to have this season,” Taylor said on Monday.

At University Health in Kansas City, pediatricians recommend these methods for keeping kids warm while they go door-to-door.

• Wear layers, and lots of them
• Don’t forget hat and gloves
• Staying dry is important, change clothing/socks if child gets wet
• Tuck chemical/disposable ‘heat packs’ into pockets
• Drink plenty of water, hydration keeps keep you warm

FOX4 Meteorologist Jacob Lanier said parents should focus on those high winds, and keeping their kids warm.

“Limit the time outside. I’d say go for a shorter Halloween route. Make sure they have gloves on. The hat is really important, and it’s OK to put a coat over the costume,” Lanier said.

The FOX4 Weather team, like pediatricians, recommend keeping an eye on trick-or-treaters, especially the ones of a young age — for shivering and other signs they’re too cold to be outside for much longer. That may be a sign for mom and dad to keep the trick-or-treating short this year.