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TONGANOXIE, Kan. — The Tonganoxie, Kansas Police Department is looking for security footage after multiple people reported graffiti to their political signs or the theft of one.

Police said Thursday they will be knocking on doors to see if neighbors in various areas have security video of the persons responsible.

“Obviously, destruction of someone else’s property is unacceptable,” the department said. “Regardless if you disagree with their view of an upcoming ballot issue (or support of a candidate), its unlawful to enter onto private property with the intent to commit criminal damage. To those responsible, this will result in prosecution.”

Police ask if you have video of such a crime to contact the department at (913) 369-3754.

Signs showing support for the controversial Value Them Both movement in Kansas are reportedly the ones being stolen and vandalized. Despite theft and vandalization, people continue to put signs in yards and magnets on cars looking ahead to Aug. 2.

Kansas will be the first state in the nation to vote on abortion rights following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade with the Value Them Both amendment on the primary ballot.

A ‘yes’ vote would create a new section in the state constitution stating it does not create or secure a right to abortion. Opponents believe this would be the first step in banning all abortions in Kansas.

A ‘no’ vote would keep the constitution the way it is.

Groups both in support and against the amendment agree this vote is that much more important after the Supreme Court ruling.

Anyone is able to vote on the amendment regardless of party affiliation, even though this is happening during the primary election.

The deadline to register to vote is July 12.