Toni Anderson’s father takes comfort that KCPD has not found evidence of foul play

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The father of missing woman Toni Anderson said he believes the body found inside the car pulled from the Missouri River Friday is his daughter.

While investigative officials have yet to positively identify the body, evidence is sufficient enough for Brian Anderson to believe that it is Toni.

“Nothing has been confirmed at this point. We hope to have the information from the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office tomorrow,” he said. “They’ve told us clothing is consistent with what she was last seen wearing.”

Brian also said authorities noted that Toni’s possessions were still inside the car.

Police have officially confirmed that the Ford Focus found is Anderson’s, and that a female body was found inside.

“They’ve said the body’s been in water two months, so certain confirmations that need be done,” Brian said.

On hearing the reports from other news outlets identifying Toni as the woman found inside the car, Brian said, “from our understanding that is probably accurate.”

The Kansas City Police Department told FOX 4 they have not found evidence to suggest foul play was involved.

“They have indicated to us that they viewed the condition of the body. There was no physical trauma, no sign of struggle, nothing to indicate any violence or foul play involved with that,” Brian told FOX 4 News.

Toni’s father said the mounting evidence leaves little hope that his 20-year-old daughter will ever return home.

“They said based on clothing, from what we understand, they have encouraged us to begin making arrangements at this point.”

Grief-stricken at the likely outcome, Brian is taking some small amount of solace that investigators do not believe foul play was involved.

“We appreciate all the things you have done and all the other folks out there. It’s not the outcome we wanted. It sounds like there was no violence. It sounds like it was simply a car accident. That can give us some peace.”



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