Topeka man receives liver transplant while wife has twins

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OMAHA, Neb. — All four members of a Topeka, Kansas family recently found themselves as patients at Nebraska Medicine for different reasons. 33-year-old Brady Sorensen was recovering from a liver transplant; meanwhile, his wife, Jess, went into premature labor with their twin girls.

“Looking back it was smooth and perfect… in the moment it was a chaotic mess,” Brady Sorensen said.

He received his first liver transplant when he was 8-months-old. He had a second transplant in his 20s. His third transplant came during a medical swarm in his family.

“I was just not sure how that was all going to play out, and I was like, I don’t want to have to go through labor all by myself,” Jess said.

Brady was eight days post transplant and Jess was 33-weeks pregnant when Brady walked into his hospital room, and “Jess stood up to give me a hug or something… and then her water broke. So I pushed my call light, several nurses from the transplant team came in,” Brady said.

Jess described the scene as comical. She said the nurses were not trained in labor nor delivery, “The nurses made me laugh because they were unsure what they should do with me.”

Jess was taken down to the labor and delivery hall, and doctors gave Brady permission to join his wife. She had a c-section and delivered Emery Elizabeth and Riley Kate. The girls were in good health but needed to stay at the hospital since they were premature. The twins stayed there for about a month, so doctors could watch their weight gain and growth.

“It’s all behind us, and we get to go home soon and figure out what our new normal is going to look like,” Jess said. They’ve since been discharged, and the whole family is doing well.



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