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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — New victims are complaining about a familiar problem, the name involved may be different, but the complaints sound the same. Some homeowners say they’re building a case against an Overland Park contractor.

“I googled Dash Services and found nothing, I dug a little further and found his name, someone else had reviewed him on Yelp, and I saw his previous company name was BOSS Construction, then I googled BOSS Construction, and found out what I should have found out before I gave him the check,” said Nancy Kluba.

Kluba says a hail storm damaged her deck. She reported it to her insurance company and received a check to cover some of the costs of repairs. Kluba says she went online and that’s how she found David Rosales of Dash Services.

“I just was really kind of in a hurry, because we really wanted to get it done, all our deck furniture was below the deck, and we wanted to enjoy the deck for the summer, and so I took a chance,” Kluba said.

She says when he showed up at her house he seemed reliable — a far cry from her opinion of him now.

“Totally fooled me, totally fooled me, and I usually just do things by the book,” Kluba said.

Kluba says she later found out that Rosales isn’t playing by the same rules. She says Rosales operates companies under “Dream Home construction, and Dash Services.” But the real name of his company is BOSS Construction.

The Better Business Bureau gives the company an “F” rating because of complaints filed against it.

“He kept making excuses when I asked for his insurance, contractor’s license, business cards, he made an excuse about his truck being hit, so I didn`t have that available,” Kluba added.

She says he quoted her $3,500 to repair the deck and fence. Kluba says he requested half up front and she handed it over to him.

“He went right out and cashed it,” said Kluba.

But Kluba says he Rosales never returned to finish the project. She tried to stop the payment but it was too late. She did talk to Rosales, and she says he promised to return some of the money, but Kluba says she hasn`t seen a dime.

Now she wants to get his other company name out there so people are aware.

“If it doesn`t feel right, it`s probably not, and it didn`t feel right, but I didn`t trust my gut,” Kluba said. “If he promises he`s coming back, he`s probably not!”

FOX 4’s Melissa Stern spoke to Rosales on the phone and he said he`s hired an attorney. He claims to only work under his company called “BOSS Construction.”

But you can see on the Better Business Bureau’s website where it says the company is also known as Dash Construction and Dream Home Construction.

He did say he had several people pay him to do projects and has been fired for one reason or another, but claims he was planning to finish the projects, but says he is in the process of taking care of them.