Tow company owner featured in Problem Solver’s Hall of Shame charged with 31 felonies

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The owner of Private Party Impound, LLC has skated out of previous criminal charges, but now he faces 31 felonies for illegally towing and storing cars.

There’s no telling how many people have been victimized by Allen Bloodworth, but  FOX4 Problem Solvers has been talking to them for 7 years.

Bloodworth, also known as Jay Bloodworth, has been the subject of several Problem Solvers investigations, which were opened after multiple people complained that he was illegally towing vehicles legally parked and paid for in downtown parking lots and private apartment complex lots.

Since 2012, Bloodworth has denied his shady practices to FOX4 Problem Solvers, but in 2016, his antics caught up with him. He was charged with three criminal counts in connection to illegally towing or stealing cars.

Those charge were dropped after Bloodworth agreed to pay just $250 in restitution.

Although Bloodworth didn’t cooperate in KCPD’s investigation, detectives in the property crime unit did not give up.

In 2017, investigators obtained a warrant to go on to Private Party Impound’s lot to see the cars in its possession.

Bingo. They found what they were looking for: cars reported stolen in Bloodworth’s possession.

At the time, Bloodworth’s employee told Problem Solvers they had the paperwork to prove the cars were towed legally. That paperwork was forged, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker said.

In all, there were 31 forgeries, Peters Baker said.

Here’s how she alleges his scam worked: After towing cars illegally, Bloodworth faked state-required towing paperwork, signing the names of property managers who supposedly authorized the tows.

The problem surfaced when those people told police they did not sign the paperwork, nor gave Bloodworth permission to take the cars.



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