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LIBERTY — A tow truck driver killed on August 27 while helping a motorist on the highway was laid to rest on Saturday. Tow truck operators in Missouri now want new legislation in the state to include them in the Move Over Law.

Hundreds of tow truck drivers paid their respect on Saturday to 18-year-old Blake Gresham. Gresham was hit by a truck on the Bond Bridge on Monday when he stopped to help a stranded motorist.

“It’s very dangerous when we’re out here loading a car,” said tow truck owner Brian Martin.

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Tow truck operators like Brian Martin want lawmakers to include them in the Move Over Law which requires motorists to move over a lane or slow down if they see a police officer or MoDOT motorist assist vehicle on the side of the highway.

“We should be involved in that because we are out here risking our lives just live every other emergency vehicle out there,” said tow truck driver Robert Scott. “As far as I am concerned we are emergency vehicles as well. We help clear the area to get traffic flowing again on the highway.”

Jeremy Martin also says two years ago he had a close call while working a tow near Kauffman Stadium.

“An older lady had spun out of control,” Martin said. “I was the only truck on the road so I pulled over to help her out and as soon as I moved, a car came down and t-boned the car I was getting ready to get spun it around hit me and threw me up against the guard rail.”

Tow truck drivers hope this accident and tragic death will remind motorists to move over.

The Missouri Two Truck Association plans to lobby lawmakers to mirror the Kansas law that requires motorists to move over or slow down for any roadside assistance vehicle on the highway.