Trailer theft puts Overland Park couple out of business

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A couple is reeling after investing their life savings into a food truck trailer — only to have someone steal it from them.

Crystal and Scott Rose say they use their food trailer to support their family, but thanks to a thief, they’re out a trailer and the $50,000 they’ve invested in it.

“This isn’t just one of those fly by night dreams, it`s been many years in the making,” said Crystal, who was about to prepare for an event she was taking her food trailer to when she noticed it was gone from it’s usual spot in their apartment complex –The Lodge of Overland Park.

“One of the residents said they did see the trailer there Monday afternoon, so sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning someone took it,” said Scott, who bought the trailer a year ago.

“We had put our life savings into it,” he added.

They make a living by selling food at craft shows, fall fests, and parades.

“I’m booked up for every weekend after the first of the year, and I’ve had to cancel all of them,” Crystal said.

They called police, who took a report, then left.

“We weren’t satisfied with that, so we went to local businesses down the road, where we knew the trailer would have to exit one of these entrances from the apartment complex,” added Crystal.

The surveillance video from the nearby business shows it happened around 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday. You can see a truck whizzing past — with the Rose’s giant navy blue trailer in tow.

“It’s very recognizable, it’s a 20-something foot food trailer, silver at the bottom, there’s a diamond plate at the front, and a lot of silver trim,” said Scott. “When they tow it, it can`t be just any vehicle, it`s going to take a three-quarter ton or a one-ton truck to pull the trailer, it’s a very heavy trailer.”

“There’s a book that has generations old recipes, only one copy, and there`s a lot of personal information in that book as well,” Crystal said. “I want to know where my trailer is, it has very valuable things inside that cannot be replaced.”

The Rose’s are asking for help from anyone who see`s it or knows something. If you have information that will help with the return of their trailer, contact the Overland Park Police at (913) 344-8742 with any tips.

For more pictures of the trailer, check out the Rose’s Facebook page.

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