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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A high school Senior is making history, being the first transgender student to be nominated for Homecoming queen.

Landon Patterson is a Senior at Oak Park High School. She’s always dreamt of being homecoming Queen but never thought her classmates would approve. They proved her wrong and now she’s making history.

“I was so scared to tell everyone, I’m a girl,” said Patterson.

From as early as she can remember, Landon Patterson has battled with her identity. Looking back at old pictures, she says she doesn’t even recognize the face looking back at her.

“It’s weird because I look at it and I’m like…that’s not me I don’t feel like that anymore,” she said.

Patterson says one day this year she woke up and realized she was tired of living a lie. She got on YouTube and decided to tell the world her truth.

“I wanted to come out again and let everybody know, I am transgender,” said Patterson.

Thousands saw it but she knew school would be the next obstacle. Terrified, she went to class at Oak Park High School and to her surprise she was accepted immediately by all of her classmates.

“It meant the world to me,” she said.

But what happened next, meant even more. Her classmates surprised her in the middle of the night with big news; she was nominated for Homecoming Queen.

“People I never thought would vote for me did. Congratulating me. I was so happy, it just made me feel like a normal girl.”

“I was just really happy for you. I wanted to support her. One-hundred percent,” friend Josie Ballard said.

She’s the first ever transgender person to be nominated for Queen at her school but for Landon it’s more than just the title, it’s feeling accepted in her own skin, being free to be her, the woman she’s been fighting to be her whole life.

“I just want everyone to know it’s okay to be you,” she said.

Landon is one of seven students nominated. She’ll find out on September 12th if she is crowned Queen.