Transportation agencies seek feedback about potential ramp meters on I-35

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KANSAS CITY — Before you start seeing red, the Kansas Department of Transportation, and KC Scout are asking for your thoughts about problematic ramps along I-35. Transportation officials hope ramp meters will make your rush hour commute along I-35 smoother, and much safer.

A ramp meter is a signal on the on ramp that only activates during heavy morning or evening traffic. It stops you at a red light for two or three seconds, creating about a 10-to-15 foot gap between cars. KC Scout project manager Mark Sommerhauser the meters reduce road dangers, in situations like having 20 or so cars trying to merge at once.

“We did a 64 percent reduction when focused in on just sideswiping, rear end accidents on the 435 corridor just during the rush hour period,” said Sommerhauser.

Ruth Kauffman showed up for Monday night’s presentation. She said she use to live in Chicago, and is familiar with road delays during rush hour traffic.

“I think probably Kansas City needs this sort of thing. I know that I-35 is a very heavily traveled highway, and I’m really glad I don’t have to travel it during rush hour,” said Kauffman.

KC Scout, and KDOT wants feedback for ramps along I-35, from the Missouri state line north, to I-435 on the south end. You’ll have an opportunity to chime in throughout the month of October.

The first week of December, they’ll release a list of the ramps they’ve gotten the most feedback about. They’ll finalize the list in January, with some of the projects starting next September. There are even mobile meetings, so you don’t have to show up to one of the open house meetings. For more information, click on this link.



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