Trash Truck Crew Confuses Man’s Motorcycle with Couch

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ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. — A North Carolina man is without his motorcycle after a city garbage collecting crew confused it for an old, abandoned couch.

According to a report from WTVD-TV, Joseph Morning of Roanoke Rapids routinely left his bike parked out on the street in front of his home. But when his girlfriend, April Wilson, left their home one morning to run an errand two weeks ago, she noticed the motorcycle – which had been covered – missing.

“I was coming out to go somewhere and I happened to look at the curb and I was like, ‘Something’s missing.’ I stopped and I paused and I’m like, ‘The motorcycle-where is it at?’ So I come down here to the curb, and I find where the mirror was broken off,” Wilson told WTVD.

After some investigation, the couple eventually learned that a crew with the City of Roanoke Rapids Waste Services had picked up the motorcycle, thinking it was garbage.

“I had my motorcycle cover covering it, but the wheel was still showing on the bike. And the mirrors were sticking up from the bike, also. So you could tell it was a motorcycle,” Morning said.

The garbage collecting service’s excuse left Morning stunned.

“He said when he picked it up, it was so heavy, he thought it was a couch,” Morning said. He says that he took a trip to the city’s waste disposal facility, where he found his now-crushed motorcycle.

The Roanoke Rapids city manager apologized for the incident, and said that the city’s insurance company will be taking care of Morning’s claim, WTVD reports.

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