Trashboat sailors digging for recyclables ahead of regatta

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KANSAS CITY, Mo – Some land locked sailors are taking the meaning of recycling to a whole new level by turning one person’s trash into a boat.

Sink or swim, they’re getting ready for the Kansas City Trashboat Regatta.

“I thought well, ya know there might be some people around here interested in doing something that silly,” organizer Michelle Davis said.

She was right.

She started the Kansas City Trashboat Regatta five years ago. Since then, hundreds have been digging for what most people toss out.

“I myself have largely raided my neighbors recycling for two liter soda bottles,” Davis said.

Her 70 pound boat is made out of empty soda bottles and laundry detergent jugs.

“I think everyone does it because there’s something everyone can pull out of the event,” Matthew Lloyd said.

Lloyd and his friends enjoy the challenge. They’ve spent days constructing a boat they hope will prove to be unsinkable.

“I come from a sort of engineering background that’s what I did in high school and things like that so the act of building the thing is what is important to me,” he said.

The goal?

Make a boat without spending a dime, hope it floats and have a fun day on the river.

“Once you’re out there and everyone’s out on the water it’s just very serene. It’s just a lot of fun,” Lloyd said.

“You don’t have to have a 500 horse power bass boat or a sail boat, you just make something and go with it,” Davis said.

And for the people who think it’s a gross hobby…

“That’s the person that needs to give it a shot. It’ll open your mind to the possibilities of good clean, well not clean, but good cheap dirt ball entertainment,” Davis said.

The race will kick off at around 2 p.m.  on Saturday, July 12th.

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