KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another day of cancellations for Southwest customers at U.S. airports, including Kansas City International.

Flight Aware, a company that provides real-time flight data, showed 2,300+ cancellations nationwide Thursday, but that should change soon. Southwest Airlines announced Thursday it expects to return to normal operations Friday, December 30.

Delta, American, and United Airlines announced plans earlier this week to cap fare prices for people trying to get home. However, some tickets are still several hundred dollars, with some even getting up to $2,000.

The cap is good through New Year’s Day with a focus on domestic and Latin American markets served by Southwest, according to United.

Some flights are reasonably priced. A one-way ticket on January 1 to Kansas City from Chicago-Midway is around $300. However, a one-way ticket from Nashville to Denver on that same day goes up to $1,700.

FOX4 reached out to all three airlines to ask what the price cap is set at and if it applies to Kansas City.

American and United responded but didn’t mention price. United implied that Kansas City is included, while American didn’t give specifics. FOX4 has yet to receive a response from Delta.

“I worry about the people who’ve been stuck in airports for days because they can’t spend $1,500 or $1,100 on a ticket to come home,” said April McLaughlin. The Kansas City resident is in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for vacation. She left Thursday, December 22 and was supposed to return home on Wednesday, December 28.

However, Southwest canceled her flight. Instead, she looked around and ended up booking a one-way ticket for $1,100/person on Delta with a stop in Salt Lake City. “It was very frustrating because we would have budgeted that into the original cost of our trip, including all of the extras, having to a stay a couple of extra days.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Pauls is getting ready to fly out of Kansas City and back to Portland, Oregon on New Year’s Day. Southwest sent him an email saying all flights should go out starting Friday. Still, he’s a little nervous. “I think I’m just going to take it day by day. I’m kind of just hoping everything goes smoothly.”

FOX4 asked Southwest if it’s feasible for the thousands impacted by the cancellations to get some, if not all, of their money back. Southwest responded saying, “[It’s] looking at every customer’s situation on a case-by-case basis.”

People who flew Southwest this past week can submit a full refund request for canceled flights and also file travel expenses on the airline’s website.