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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Artists with an eye for photography are making their way to Kansas City to view what we have to offer through their lenses.

On Wednesday, artists spruced up the Black Box Performance Space, near 40th and Troost, for a big event this weekend.

The venue, along with the Kansas City Society for Contemporary Photographers and Charlotte Street Foundation, will host traveling photographers with Free Film: USA.

“I’m really excited about it. l’m looking forward to seeing the responses the community has to the guests we’re hosting in this space,” said Cynthia Hardeman, an artist at Black Box.

Free Film: USA will do just that: give out and process 35 millimeter film for people — for free.

“We’re celebrating analog film. 35 millimeter film. There’s a generation that only uses cameras on their phones,” said Patrick Alexander, programming manager at Charlotte Street Foundation.

This tour is traveling to 15-20 different cities coast to coast. At the end, a curator will put together a final project with all the pictures they’ve taken.

The theme: red, white and blue in black and white.

Artists at the Black Box are excited to showcase artists from their part of town.

“I’m excited to be bringing the arts east of Troost. Hopefully we can get the community behind us, and they’ll come out. We’ll see new and different kinds of art,” Hardeman said.

The event starts Thursday and goes through the weekend. You can find more details about the event here.