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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — If you needed one more reason to cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs, number 87 has a new project that will get you cheering for the Chiefs and Kansas City kids.

Travis Kelce`s ‘Catches for Kids’ program raises money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City.

“I’ve been working with the Boys and Girls Club for awhile now, ever since I got to Kansas City, and it’s an awesome organization to be a part of,” said Kelce.

Kelce started the Catches for Kids program that benefits the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City, and it works by you pledging a dollar amount, and for every catch Travis makes- you donate that money to the clubs.

Kelce says his passion to help kids started at a young age.

“I also had a lot of friends that didn’t have as much support at home as I did, and knowing that- their resource is the community,” said Kelce. “Being a member in the community, and kind of looked up at through the Kansas City area, it’s almost my job to be able to give back to the kids that may not have that big of a support system.”

Kelce says he hopes to make at least a hundred catches this year, but while football and philanthropy are easy choices for this tight end- his love life is a little trickier.

“Uh- find love? Still in the midst of it, now me and the young lady that I picked are still together, and we’re trying to you know work things out right now,” he said.

Kelce says he found someone special, but stops short of saying he`s settling down.

“So far- Kelce hasn’t been caught,” he said.

His main concern as the show airs is what will his favorite woman think?

“The scariest part is knowing that everything that’s going on film is going to be seen by my Mother,” he said.

So for now he`s focused on catching the football for a chiefs victory, and to help KC kids who need a champion on and off the field.

If you’d like to pledge your donation go to this link.