Tree at Olathe home causes major damage for the second time this year

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OLATHE, Kan. — A mother and daughter in Olathe have quite a mess to clean up after Wednesday morning’s storm.

A huge tree on their property split down the middle and crushed their vehicle. This is the second time this particular tree has caused them problems.

Brittney Kauffman and her mom told FOX4 they were sitting on the couch watching the news when the National Weather Service issued the severe thunderstorm warning.

Seconds later they heard a loud noise and looked outside to see the tree tumble over the roof of the Kia they share and crush it.

They said this is the very same tree that had a huge branch snap off during a bad snowstorm in January. During that storm, the branch crashed onto the next door neighbor’s home and damaged two vehicles.

Kauffman said she wishes she could have afforded to cut the tree down sooner to avoid this mess. She did say they’ve already called the insurance company and are trying to determine how they’ll pay to clean this up.

The Olathe woman and her mom also run an in-home daycare. They said they’re very thankful no kids were coming or going when this storm rolled through.

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