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NORTH CENTRAL KANSAS — “It’s called an acceleration lane, people. When you get into the interstate, you got to accelerate … ”

Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Ben Gardner’s message to drivers about the proper way to enter a highway has been seen nationwide by more than a million people.

Trooper Ben says if the speed limit on the highway is 60 mph, you should be going 60 mph by the time you merge from the acceleration lane to the highway. “ … You’ve got to accelerate to be at the same speed that people are traveling on the interstate,” Gardener said.

He says drivers shouldn’t be merging significantly under the speed limit onto a highway – nor going above the speed limit.

“I’m not telling you to jack up your speed and go way over the speed limit — don’t do that – but I need you to be going the speed limit as you merge into traffic.”

Since it was posted, Trooper Ben’s video has been seen more than a million times through social media.  You can see the complete video below.