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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Residents in one east side neighborhood are still sorting out a wild scene from Thursday.

Kansas City police say five teenagers were arrested after being kicked off a Metro bus. Police say that’s when a big fight broke out at the bus stop.

The 39th and Troost neighborhood was quiet on Friday, but neighbors say it was absolute bedlam on Thursday. Trouble broke out when an ATA bus driver ordered five teenagers off his bus for being unruly.

Sgt. Marissa Barnes from the Kansas City Police Department said once the teens exited to the bus stop, a wild fight broke out, and police needed pepper spray to quell the situation.

Les Brown said he was nearby when the big brawl broke out, working in the store at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store.

“The whole block — the intersection of 39th down past the bus stop — was nothing but kids and police cars,” Brown said.

Brown said it seemed as if people were fighting everywhere he looked, including teenagers who were grappling with police officers. Brown says he went back inside the store, and locked the door to protect customers.

“There were a lot of kids walking down the streets and the police officers told them to go home,” Brown said, “They wouldn’t go.”

And five of them were arrested — three females and two males. KCPD spokespeople say that includes two 17-year-olds — James Olser and Nakidra Hawkins. Both are charged with trespassing — and Hawkins is charged with hitting a police officer.

As for ATA Metro bus managers, spokesperson Cindy Baker told FOX 4 News the bus company isn’t responsible for supervising the street area around bus stops. Baker emphasizes that’s where the fight happened — not on the bus itself.

And for the time being, it has this neighborhood buzzing, as bus passengers look for a safe commute.

De La Salle High School is only two blocks away from the bus stop in question. That school’s executive director Mark Williamson told FOX 4 News that some of his students were involved in the incident, and that his school’s code of conduct will apply.

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