Truman Medical Center hit with ransomware, pays to get system access back

Truman Medical Center

Truman Medical Center

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Truman Medical Center was hit with ransomware on Tuesday and had to pay to get access to its organizational system.

The Kansas City hospital released a statement, saying its IT team learned about the ransomware early Tuesday morning.

The malicious software blocked the hospital from accessing parts of its organizational system until it paid the money demanded.

Truman Medical Center said it worked with a third party negotiator, its cyber insurance carrier and an outside cyber counsel and paid what they called a small amount of money. The hospital did not disclose how much money it paid but did say it’s insured for that amount.

TMC said patients’ health and financial information is housed on another system, so it wasn’t affected. The hospital also said patient care wasn’t impacted.

“We will continue to provide quality care to all our patients as we bring the affected parts of our operational programs back on track,” the hospital said in its statement.



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