FOX4 and 93.3’s Jenny Matthews find out if Pac-Vac-N-Stack bags live up to the hype

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s officially spring cleaning season!

93.3’s Jenny Matthews

The secret to keeping your winter clothes looking brand-new is storing them the right way during the warmer months. There’s a product that claims it can help, but does it work? FOX4’s Kerri Stowell teamed up with Mix 93.3’s Jenny Matthews to try it before you buy it.

“I’m trying to spring clean a little bit. I’ve got a bunch of stuff I thought we could pack up,” Matthews said.

Pac-Vac-N-Stack on the As Seen On TV website costs $10 when on sale and claims it can reduce volume in your closet up to 75 percent.

“Why do I feel like this is going to be a very large Ziploc bag?” Jenny joked as she pulled the product out of the box. “And it’s a very large Ziploc bag. Fancy Ziploc bags.”


Jenny placed nine sweatshirts in one of the two plastic bags and sealed the end. She used a simple household vacuum to suck the air out of the bag.

“This is actually really easy!” Jenny exclaimed as she held up the bag.

Round one was a success, but Jenny wasn’t sold yet.

“Okay, let’s try a blanket because blankets are bulky and I could see putting blankets in these and stacking them on my shelf in the linen closet,” Jenny said as she put a fluffy blanket in a plastic bag.

Jenny sealed the bag, sucked the air out and exclaimed, “I am down with the Pac-Vac-N-Stack. Look at that!”

Round two was a success, but Jenny still wasn’t sold yet.

“This is the real test,” Jenny said as she stuffed winter boots into a plastic bag. Once the bag was full, Jenny sealed the end and used her vacuum to suck the air out of the bag.

Matthews even tested the bag on her winter boots.

A couple minutes later, Jenny held up the bag and said, “Truth is that’s a space saver. You can really tell with the shoes. I can see this in college dorms. Or just anywhere you want to save space. That’s a space saver.”

Round three was a success.

“Two for ten bucks, that’s expensive. But they work. I’m impressed,” Jenny said. “I think two thumbs up. Expensive though. One thumb up.”

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