FOX4 and Sports Radio 810’s Kevin Kietzman put Arctic Air to the test

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If running your air conditioner all day is costing you a small fortune, you aren’t alone.

There’s a product that claims it can help you lower your AC bill. Does it work? FOX4’s Kerri Stowell teams up with Sports Radio 810 WHB’s Kevin Kietzman to try it before you buy it.

Arctic Air

Kevin gave Kerri a tour of his studio to show her just how hot it can get.

“We hit 81 degrees in there yesterday,” Kevin said. “We have to keep this door closed when I’m doing the show for four hours and when I close it, it basically turns this room into a greenhouse because we have nothing but windows. I’m hoping this Arctic Air is going to fix that.”

Arctic Air is a personal space cooler that claims it can turn “hot spaces into cool, refreshing places for just pennies a day.” We bought Arctic Air on the As Seen On TV website on sale for $39.

“It says you can basically take it anywhere and it will cool your personal space,” Kevin said. “This is my personal space, Kerri. I would like it to be cooler in here.”

Arctic Air’s official commercial claims “the secret is Hydro-Chill Technology that uses an air cooling filter that pulls in hot air and instantly transforms it into cool, refreshing air.”

Kevin opened the box and described the product. “It’s the perfect size,” he said. “I can grab it with one hand. It’s very light, which is nice. Looks like it will tuck right under the counter here at my feet.”

Kevin put the Arctic Air to the test.

“I see on the outside of the box that we are supposed to put a little water in it,” Kevin continued. “I think I can figure that out without the instructions. If I have trouble, I can take a look at it. It’s not a very thick book.”

Kevin poured some water in the tank and plugged it in. “It has three different speeds, which is good for me because I may keep it on low so it’s not as noisy around the microphone here. The top speed is a pretty good amount of air,” he said.

“It’s much cooler than a fan,” Kevin continued. “If it’s hot in here, the fan is just going to blow more hot air on me. This is definitely blowing cool air. Much cooler than the room temperature. I think we’re at 72 degrees in here right now. This is much cooler than that.”

Kerri asked Kevin the big question. Is Arctic Air worth the money?

“I wouldn’t want to have this in my bedroom at night and anticipate this is going to keep me cool to sleep all night, but for a trouble spot in your house somewhere and maybe you have one room that just doesn’t get as much as other places,” Kevin said. “$39? Seems like it would be worth a try.”

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