FOX4 puts Glove-A-Bubble to the test to see if it really does keep kids entertained

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained this summer?

Toy maker “ZING” claims it can help with a new take on an old favorite. Does it work? FOX4’s Kerri Stowell teamed up with a local mom to try it before you buy it.


ZING’s Glove-A-Bubble was named The Toy Association’s 2019 “Outdoor Toy of the Year” and promises hundreds of bubbles in a matter of minutes. Stowell handed Kerri Hervey Glove-A-Bubble and Hervey said, “Hopefully it doesn’t make a mess!”

FOX4 bought a Glove-A-Bubble 4-pack from Amazon for $10. The pack has an animal theme, and the instructions are as simple as “Just put on the gloves, dip them in the solution, and move your hands to create endless bubbles.”

Hervey read the package and said, “You don’t have to clean up a bubble machine. You don’t tip it over. I’m kind of excited to see what it does!”

Kerri Hervey, the local mom who let us put this to the test.

Hervey’s daughters picked their favorite animal from the pack put them on.

“It’s a little big,” said the oldest.

The girls soaked their gloves in the solution and waved.

Hervey pointed out, “It was folding in on itself when they were trying to put the glove inside the bag. They were getting frustrated. But I think they really liked it though.”

The girls played for about 10 minutes and Hervey said, “Easier than I expected, but it’s a little messy. As you can see my hands are completely soaked in bubbles.”

She continued, “I think it will be an easier cleanup because it’s just a bag instead of a machine. But I don’t like the bag. I think putting it on a plate, a shallow plate would be even better.”

Is Glove-A-Bubble worth the money? “Absolutely. Absolutely. For $10, it’s not bad at all,” Hervey said.

Putting Glove-A-Bubble to the test.

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