FOX4 puts Magic Mesh to the test to determine whether it really does keep out unwanted pests

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you enjoy fresh summer air, you aren’t alone. But leaving the door open can lead to hoards of unwanted pests.

There’s a product that promises to be an easy fix – no tools needed! Does it work? FOX4’s Kerri Stowell teams up with a local tavern to try it before you buy it.

Kim and Cora Moffitt

Kim and Cora Moffitt spend a lot of time at Twin City Tavern on Westport Road. Kim owns the bar and her daughter, Cora, works there. The girls said they’re excited to try Magic Mesh on the back door that leads to the patio.

“It may work really well for that door since we struggle so much when we are trying to come in and out with drinks and all that,” Kim explained.

Magic Mesh is a hands-free screen door that sells for $15 on Amazon. The product’s secret is 18 super strong magnets that automatically snap back together when you separate them, letting fresh air in and keeping flies and other annoying insects out.

Kim and Cora opened the box and Cora described the product.

“It feels a little cheap,” she said.

Kim agreed and added, “It feels a little thin, but we’ll see.”

Magic Mesh is a hands-free screen door that sells for $15 on Amazon.

The girls read the instructions and were pleased with how easy they were to understand.

“It’s all in English and it has pictures,” Cora said.

Kim and Cora got to work. They marked the middle of the doorway where they wanted to hang Magic Mesh and did a little problem solving.

“The lock for our door is going to be in the way of the Velcro. And we can’t put it out here,” Kim said.

They settled on hanging Magic Mesh on the inside of the restaurant and used the Velcro strips included in the box to attach the mesh to the door frame.

Kim and Cora tested Magic Mesh while holding a tray full of drinks. Is it worth the money?

“Absolutely,” Kim said. “Obviously this time of year, it’s way too hot to keep the door open. But in the spring and fall, especially when we have people here for Chiefs games, it will be great.”

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