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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Texting while driving plays a big role in many accidents and fatalities every year, so one California artist has decided to take it upon himself to head up a project, which he hopes will prevent several of those incidents from happening in the future.

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According to a report by Yahoo! Shine, Brian Singer’s latest social project focuses on shaming people who endanger the lives of others by texting while behind the wheel. He and others he invites to participate to snap photos of people they see, who are guilty of TWIT (texting while in traffic), and then post their pictures to Facebook, billboards, and the ‘TWIT Spotting’ website.

“TWIT Spotting requires community involvement to be successful. You can help by taking photos and spreading the word. Together, we can raise awareness and make the roads safer,” reads the ‘How To Participate’ section of the site, under which he lists instructions on how to take the photos and get them uploaded to the webpage.

On the site, Singer also reminds participants of the guidelines to his project, which do not allow the participating TWIT photographers to be the ones driving themselves, saying they must be a passenger or a pedestrian, and encourages them to be safe and not to distract other drivers while doing so.

“It’s nothing against the people themselves. I think we’re all sort of guilty of texting and driving at some point,” Singer told Yahoo! Shine. He also told them he aims to grow the project to bring awareness in hopes of changing the public’s behavior.

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So far Singer has spent his own personal income to fund 11 billboards which have gone up across the San Francisco Bay area.

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