Two anonymous KC men donate $300 to pay off elementary students’ lunch debt

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For a lot of people, money gets tight around the holidays.

That’s why two Kansas City men are doing what they can to ease that burden and literally put food on the table for local kids.

“I think it makes a world of difference,” Red Bridge Elementary Principal Rachelle Hamrick said.

A selfless act, donating $300 to pay off students’ lunch debt at Red Bridge Elementary, brought Hamrick to tears.

“I just think it’s so nice and kind, to help our families out when they don’t even know us,” Hamrick said.

The KC men want to remain anonymous, but first-grade teacher Claire Hervieux knows who it is and called them friends.

“I’ve always wanted to work in schools where I know that I can make an impact,” Hervieux said. “So seeing friends that would like to contribute as well to the lives of my students and the families that have become like a part of my own — it’s really meant a lot.”

Hervieux said the students deserve this donation because they have such generous hearts.

FOX4 saw that firsthand Wednesday when a small bucket tipped over and all the pencils spilled out. It was all hands on deck to clean up.

Red Bridge students are also collecting money for Sleep in Heavenly Peace, an organization that provides beds to local kids who may not have one.

“It’s a personal thing for me that we didn’t have a bed, you know,” Hamrick said with tears in her eyes, “and so to help other kids have that, I think it’s just safety and security. We’re meeting the basic needs.”

So far, they’ve raised $350 to buy bedding, pillows and blankets.

“It just means a lot to our families and our students here when we take the time to reach out into our community and support those around us when we might have extra at this time,” Hamrick said.

If you would like to add to the students’ donations to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, call Red Bridge Elementary at 816-612-4200.

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