KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man and a woman have both been charged after a road rage-induced shooting on Interstate 49 Sunday afternoon.

Cass County court documents show Hayley Baxter is charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon after prosecutors say she shot at victims from a Dodge truck. The driver of that truck, Damion Holman, is charged with felony unlawful possession and transporting an illegal weapon.

One of the victims in a Kia sedan told police that she and two others were driving south on I-49 at around 12:50 p.m., when Baxter allegedly fired a gun at their car while Holman drove.

After deputies pulled them over, Baxter admitted to shooting at the victims because they were showing “gang signals” out the window and “brake checking” them.

The victims told police the road rage incident began after they attempted to pass Baxter and Holman on the right while Holman was driving in the left lane, court records say.

That caused Holman to speed up to stop the victims, but they had already passed and pulled in front of Baxter and Holman in the left lane.

Holman then sped into the right lane to pull next to the victims, court records detail. Baxter then allegedly pulled out a gun and shot and hit the car, leaving a bullet hole in the passenger headlight. The victim driving then slammed on her brakes.

Police found multiple guns in Holman’s truck, including the pistol used in the shooting and drugs that “contain THC.”

Baxter and Holman were arrested and then charged in Cass County.