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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two children are dead and two adults are in the hospital after a crash near 12th and Ewing in Kansas City Friday morning.

It all started as a minor fender bender between that car and another vehicle, but when the driver tried to speed away, he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a utility pole.

An officer on the scene said a silver car was involved in a fender bender with a white SUV. The two drivers pulled over and were exchanging information. Suddenly, the driver of the silver car took off, ran stop lights, and then eventually smashed into the pole before landing in a nearby yard along 12th street.

The driver of this vehicle was trying to exchange information when the driver of a silver vehicle took off, police say.

Witnesses said that driver was flying down the street when the crash happened. One witness who saw it all said she wishes she could forget those images.

The utility company has since repaired the pole, but a fence is damaged near the house where the car came to a stop in the front yard.

Witness Gloria Orozco said it was like a chase scene in a movie. She and Cynthia Peguero were driving in their neighborhood around lunchtime Friday.

“We were coming down Newton whenever we saw the gray vehicle coming at a high speed and hit the pole,” Peguero said.

The force of the crash snapped the pole in half, splintered like a toothpick. It was left standing only because of the power lines holding it up.

Two people are dead following a crash at 12th and Ewing Friday, March 17, 2017.

The women rushed to the front yard where the car landed.

“Once we got to the scene, we seen that there was kids involved,” Peguero recalled.

Two little boys and a man were lying in the yard. A woman was still inside the car.

“I saw a boy thrown behind the car, and the other was over there on the side,” Orozco (translated) said.

“She’s a certified nurse, so she helped out with one of the children, as he was pretty bad,” Peguero explained.

Orozco said she went to the one who had the most blood.

“He had blood stuck in his mouth. I started to remove it with my hands,” Orozco recalled. She fought to save the boy, but his injuries were too severe.

“Two occupants — children — are deceased at this time,” Sgt. Kari Thompson with KCPD said.

Police said the woman and the man who was ejected are both at local hospitals.

“She didn’t even realize, as if she was drunk. I don’t know,” Orozco said of the woman still in the car. “She started to look at her face in the mirror to see her face with blood on it.”

Police didn’t release the names or ages of the boys, and they didn’t know yet how the kids were related to the adults. They did say something that could’ve saved the kids was not in the car.

“There are no child protective restraints inside this vehicle. Our hearts and prayers are with this family. We have seen a violent last couple of days with our traffic fatalities, traffic accidents,” Sgt. Thompson said.

The deaths of those two boys are the 19th and 20th traffic fatalities this year in Kansas City. That’s almost three times the number at this time last year.