Two Chillicothe children’s joyride shocks relatives

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CHILLICOTHE, Mo. — Police say Saturday they rushed to the 500 block of Elm Street in Chillicothe after hearing someone was “driving in a reckless manner.”

“Nobody got hurt, thank God!” said Anthony Jones, talking about his nine-year-old nephew and the boy’s 10-year-old female friend.

Police say it turns out the driver was Jones’ little nephew, and, the boy’s pintsized passenger was his nephew’s friend.

“He said he drove and got arrested and that scared me the most because he’s too young to get in that kind of trouble,” Jones told FOX 4’s Robert Townsend during an interview Monday outside his nephew’s home.  The boy’s mother was at work at the time of our interview.

“It’s scary and it scared me. He just said he was driving up and down the drive-way that’s all he told me,” said Jones.

However, investigators say when cops arrived they saw the boy, who could barely see over the steering wheel, and his female passenger, both on the go in a nearby alley behind the girl’s home.

Relatives say the two children took off in the vehicle just as their families were preparing to take them swimming.

“Yeah, it’s a big deal because they could’ve hurt somebody. My granddaughter has now been grounded and her birthday’s on Wednesday and she’s not having a party, “said a frustrated Teresa Jones.

In fact, family members tell FOX 4 both children will not be allowed to watch TV, play video games or be outside indefinitely as a result of their brief joyride.

Relatives also say on Tuesday the children and their parents will have to face a juvenile judge. The boy is a fourth grader at Central School. We’ve learned the girl is a fifth grader. We do not know what school she attends.

“I just hope they learn a tough lesson and that is they are not supposed to drive a car until they’re old enough to drive and be responsible,” said Jones.



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