KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two KC metro area buildings now have $200,000 in damage after an early morning fire on Wednesday.

“The smell and the water from trying to put out this fire have caused the damages in the front,” said Nathan Duckworth, the Owner of Level event space.

The smell of smoke and damaged drywall fill what was once a flourishing event space. 

“They entered from the top, and now with all that water, it’s just falling,” said Duckworth.

That all changed after the fire.

“When I got the call at seven something in the morning from a neighbor and told me smoke was coming,” he said.

What caused the fire has not been determined but Duckworth says that fire officials told him the fire started in the business next to his. 

“I put a lot into this—creating Level KC private events —it means a lot to me,” said Duckworth.

But his Level event space is not his only concern. He and his wife also own the salon next to it. That salon is damaged as well.

What wasn’t affected by flames is ruined due to smoke damage. The destruction, a fear Duckworth felt was always a possibility from the first moment he saw the fire. 

“I was afraid because of the severity of how big it was outside. I could only imagine what the inside looked like,” he said.

Nevertheless, he and his wife, with the support of the community, are determined to rebuild. 

“It’s a lot of work and it ain’t going to get fixed overnight.”