Two KC cops commended after rescuing stabbing victim while in New Orleans

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two veteran police sergeants with KCPD appeared genuinely surprised to receive a hero’s welcome at KCI Airport on Friday afternoon.

But it’s been an unusual 48 hours for Justin Pinkerton and Todd Templeton, who just returned home from a weeklong convention in New Orleans.

“I got plenty of love, plenty of shout outs for it,” Pinkerton told FOX4.

Pinkerton and Templeton rushed to the aid of a man who had just been stabbed in the chest by a panhandler in New Orleans on Thursday morning.

The two had just stepped onto a bus outside of their hotel in the French Quarter.

“A disturbance happened outside the bus, right outside the window. You could tell something was going on,” Templeton said.

“I see a gentleman. He’s laid out on the ground,” Pinkerton said. “He’s bleeding profusely from his chest. I got up closer and saw he had a pretty deep stab wound.”

Pinkerton stopped the bleeding; Templeton kept the victim alert.

“I stood there and talked with him, try to keep him calm, try to keep him awake. He was pretty shaken up, asked us to call his wife,” Templeton said.

The stabbing victim will recover and the suspect was immediately apprehended by police.

“Right out in front of the police hotel, there were all kinds of officers there,” Pinkerton said. “I don’t want to say he was ever lucky to get stabbed, but if he did get stabbed, that was the best place to do it.”

The convention in New Orleans was for the National Fraternal Order of Police; the KC Police Department is Lodge 99.

Both Pinkerton and Templeton remained humble about their actions, but said they’re gratified by all of the feedback for doing the type of work they do every day.

“It is refreshing. It does kind of recharge your batteries a little bit,” Pinkerton said. “It lets you know that people really do care, and pay attention to what we’re doing.”



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