Two men caught on camera in brazen high-definition TV heist

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A stolen television taken in south Kansas City is getting a lot of attention. Not only was it taken in broad daylight, the entire crime was caught on surveillance video.

One other unique feature: The TV was a brand new 90-inch flat screen. It was about to be shipped to Colorado when two men pulled off the afternoon heist.

“Twenty seconds and the TV was gone,” said Sergeant Rod Gentry.

Sgt. Gentry has worked thousands of theft cases in his years with the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department, but not one quite like this.

“It’s several thousand dollars for a unit like this one,” said Sgt. Gentry.

Just shy of $11,000 to be exact. The store it was taken from specializes in custom television and audio installation. Workers had the TV strapped down in the back of a pick-up truck outside the building. They were waiting on FedEx so it could be shipped.

Even though four surveillance cameras cover the front and side of the shop, two men in a red pick-up truck didn’t let it deter them. One suspect even got out and knocked on the front door.

“That’s a precursor to a lot of even home burglaries, you know, they knock on the door see if anyone is around,” Sgt. Gentry explained.

There were people in the shop, but they were working in the back and didn’t hear the door. The suspects backed their truck up, got out and cut the straps holding down the TV. Then the men grabbed the TV, but didn’t realize how heavy it was, one suspect almost fell down. Then they almost dropped it, before loading it up and driving off.

Sgt. Gentry hopes the video and the rarity of a TV this size will help lead to an arrest. If you can help, call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.



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