Two metro companies team up for t-shirt poking fun at popular Charlie Hustle ‘Heart KC’ shirt

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When two Kansas City area companies partnered on a simple t-shirt design, they had no idea it would generate big sales and a big buzz online.

Oddities Prints and Normal Human have teamed up on the release of a t-shirt that features a smaller image of Kansas City’s iconic ‘Heart KC’ shirt on the front.

“It’s kind of funny," Normal Human Co-owner Pat Eggers said. "It’s like a little reaction I think. It’s just our humor to be like, 'The shirt on a shirt.' No one had taken it there."

Store owners said the shirt is meant to be a funny response to competitor Charlie Hustle. Charlie Hustle came out with a shirt design similar to one released by Oddities Prints several years ago.

“We’re not trying to start a war," Eggers said. "We’re not trying to be instigators or anything. We just like concepts, and it’s a funny one we think."

Normal Human has sold these new shirts for about three months, but the buzz surrounding them has really grown in the past 24-hours after an Instagram post compared the designs.

Oddities Prints describes the picture as “trying to find humor when the big guy steps on the little guy” and “trying to keep a positive take on all of this.”

“It’s pretty hilarious I think," Eggers said. "It’s about humor. We’re about fun. I think it’s healthy. It’s good to have competition."

Social media has helped spread the word about these new digs using #ShirtsFired. There’s even a thread about the shirts on Reddit.

Charlie Hustle owners have declined to comment, saying they're just focusing on growing their business.

You can view or buy the shirts online here and at the Normal Human store in the Crossroads art district.



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