Two metro movie theaters reopen, showing old favorites and practicing social distancing


BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Two metro movie theaters opened their doors to the public Friday.

Blue Springs 8 has retro movies on all of its screens, including “Aquaman” and “Harry Potter.” Screenland Armour in North Kansas City also opened, showing hits like a “Kill Bill” double feature and “Mamma Mia.” 

Friday was set to be the release of one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer: “Wonderwoman 1984.” But all new movies in Hollywood have been delayed, many for months, due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Blue Springs theater, owned by the Miller family, had success the past month showing movies outdoors on the side of the building. They realized there’s an appetite for entertainment — as long as everyone is following social distancing guidelines. Theaters are limited to 50% capacity right now. 

“We just decided that we think we can give a go at it. Let’s do it,” owner Brett Miller said. “I guess currently we are the only one in Jackson County that’s opened up, and hopefully we have a lot of people that come out and enjoy the movie.”

“Mainly for us it’s that we miss the actual theater experience and the reclining seat and all of that,” visitor Jonathan Barr said. “You can’t really beat the experience at the movies.”

Until new movies start to come out later this summer, the theater plans to be open Friday through Sunday. For now, Screenland Armour is also sticking to weekends. 

Blue Springs 8 owners said one of the biggest challenges was finding enough sanitizer for the entire building, but they’re now stocked. Concessions are open with signs guiding people where to stand. 

The metro’s two drive-in movie theaters have reopened in the past few weeks. Twin Drive-In and Boulevard Drive-In have also been showing old favorites on their outdoor big screens. 



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