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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Federal Bureau of Investigation said a sex trafficking operation in July led to the recovery or identification of more than 100 minors, including two from the Kansas City metro area. The “Operation Independence Day” sweep also led to 67 suspected traffickers getting arrested, and initiated 60 new federal investigation according to a news release.

“We are here to rescue children, and we are here to build good cases against traffickers,” said Jeanette Milazzo, a special agent who led one of the operations in Texas. “If we have developed enough rapport with the victim, we build a case against their trafficker and hopefully charge them in federal court.”

The FBI in Kansas City said it believes one of the victims in this area was found in Kansas City, Kansas, a spokeswoman didn’t have full details on both. A search of federal court records doesn’t show any charges related to this operation at present, but FOX4 will continue to look and report developments should a suspected trafficker get arrested and charged.

In the release, FBI Director Christopher Wray said his agency’s efforts to combat sex trafficking never end.

“Our agents, intelligence analysts, professional staff, and victim specialists work tirelessly before, during, and after these operations to make sure that victims get the help they need to reclaim their lives,” Wray stated in the release.

Here’s a breakdown of where the FBI either identified or recovered minors across the country during the operation:

  • Albuquerque: 1
  • Atlanta: 6
  • Boston: 1
  • Buffalo: 1
  • Charlotte: 3
  • Chicago: 2
  • Cincinnati: 1
  • Cleveland: 2
  • Columbia: 2
  • Dallas: 13
  • Detroit: 9
  • Denver: 4
  • Honolulu: 1
  • Houston: 3
  • Jacksonville: 1
  • Kansas City: 2
  • Knoxville: 2
  • Las Vegas: 14
  • Little Rock: 1
  • Los Angeles: 4
  • Memphis: 2
  • Miami: 1
  • Milwaukee: 1
  • New Haven: 1
  • New Orleans: 1
  • Portland: 4
  • Richmond: 1
  • Sacramento: 1
  • San Antonio: 4
  • San Diego: 4
  • San Francisco: 2
  • Seattle: 6
  • Washington Field: 2