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GARDNER, Kan. — Firefighters in Johnson County say a Saturday night emergency is a good reminder to make sure your house has a working carbon monoxide detector. At about 10:30 p.m., two people were taken to a hospital in critical condition from a house on 174th Street near Kill Creek Road due to exposure.

Fire District #1 says someone left a vehicle idling inside a garage for an extended amount of time, filling the home with carbon monoxide. Crews say the carbon monoxide levels were measured at 500 parts per million, which is highly dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that any level above 150 parts per million can trigger disorientation, unconsciousness, and possibly death.

Furthermore, the CPSC says that more than 150 people die every non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning.

The latest condition given for the two hospitalized was critical, FOX4 will work to get updates about them on Sunday.