EUDORA, Kan. — A Eudora, Kansas restaurant is left picking up the pieces after the driver of a vehicle crashed into its storefront. 

Eudora police responded to Gambino’s Pizza at 1402 Church Street Sunday night after the driver of a red Chevrolet pickup truck crashed into the front of the building.

The owner of Gambino’s Pizza Aaron Boden told FOX4, he’s had broken window and doors – even robberies, but nothing like this.

Boden said four employees were inside when it happened. Two girls were seriously hurt, one of them with a broken wrist. He said they’ be OK , but it was scary.

“From the damages, the picture I’ve seen, it looked like he went completely into the kitchen,” Sgt. Fred Ramirez said.

Eudora police arrested the 47 year-old driver of the pickup for driving under the influence and reckless driving. Police records show his breathalyzer test registered 0.093.

Gambino’s will be closed while repairs are made to the building.

“It’s one of the things that we try to stress to people is on how serious it is to drive while under the influence and how many lives can be affected by it, as well,” Ramirez said. “

Steve Woolaway said Gambino’s is a staple in Eudora. He comes for a slice almost every week and knows the employees.

“I just hope the ones that were hurt hope they get better, I hope their injuries weren’t too awful or serious,” Woolaway said. “I just can’t wait to get the store open again.”

An engineer said he was checking the building Monday to see if it was structurally sound.

While we were in the parking lot, several people, including Woolaway, came looking for lunch. Instead, they found a boarded-up Gambino’s – forced to temporarily close.

Officers need food, too. Ramirez said he’s eaten at Gambino’s.

“It was fantastic, and the owners were great, “Ramirez said. “They supported the community quite well and a lot of students that I know have worked there in the past and work there currently, as well.”

Boden is grateful to the community for their support. He ask the community to show up to the shop when they reopen. He hopes that will happen in a month but said it’s up in the air at this point.