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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Missouri woman well into her golden years just learned she has something new to celebrate at 90 years old.

Mary Wise was born during the Great Depression, long before computers were around. Little did she know the device would eventually connect her with a family she never knew existed.

Wise said she always had a feeling she was connected with a sibling, but it nothing more than intuition. Her mother gave her up for adoption when she was born in 1928, and she met the family who would raise her when she was just two weeks old.

Over the years though, she always wanted to learn more about both sides of her biological family.

She still doesn’t know anything about her father’s side of the family. But a visit to in June, followed by a DNA cheek swab, answered a hope she’d had since she was a girl.

Turns out, the 89-year-old has a sister four years her junior. Her name is Joyce Wagner, and she lives in Oregon.

Connecting and planning over the last four months culminated in a first-time meeting at Kansas City International Airport.

Watch the unforgettable moment in the video above.