Two Warrensburg families hit morel mushroom jackpot during weekend hunt

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WARRENSBURG, Mo. — All of the rain is seemingly making for a prime mushroom season in the Kansas City metro.

Over the weekend, two families in Warrensburg had an impressive haul and found more than 2,000 morel mushrooms in one hunt.

“We’ve hunted this same exact location for years and years,” said Mack Phillips, an avid morel mushroom hunter. “We always find some there. We usually do pretty good. It was everywhere you look, every tree. You couldn’t go anywhere without finding them.”

Along with his parents and two friends, Phillips believes they collected more than 2,400 mushrooms before they lost count.

Their secret location in Warrensburg proved to be a gold mine this hunting season.

“We all had our own bags, and then we had two great big bags. We’d fill our little bags, then dump them into our big bags. We had our shirts full, hats full. We couldn’t even hunt until dark,” Phillips said.

He described the impromptu hunt over the weekend as “once in a lifetime.” It’s an activity he said he’s enjoyed since he was a small child.

“We eat a lot of them. We share them with a lot of friends. We have people over and have big morel fries. It’s fun,” Phillips said.

Hunting mushrooms is a long-standing family tradition for Phillips. For anyone hoping to enjoy the unique delicacy, he said, “keep it simple.”

“Just flour and deep fry. We tried putting some on the grill, they were decent, but weren’t as good as traditional frying. That’s the best way to have them,” Phillips said.

He said he plans to return to their secret location before the season ends.

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