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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As we approach winter and temperatures continue to drop, Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu wants to remind you to bring your pets inside when it gets cold.

To demonstrate how dangerous  the cold can be for them, Mathieu locked himself inside of a freezer.

While inside the freezer, Mathieu noticed that when he needed a drink or got hungry his water and food was frozen.

“I can’t imagine what dogs go through when their owners leave them outside in the freezing cold and their food freezes and they’re not able to eat it,” Mathieu said.

Mathieu lasted 20 minutes in the freezer.

“This is colder than winter practice,” he said.

In a news release for the video, PETA said they receive thousands of complaints about owners leaving dogs and cat out in the cold.

In July 2015 Mathieu sat inside of a car on a 90-degree day to show the dangers of leaving a pet inside of a hot car. He lasted only eight minutes in the car that reached 120-degrees.