KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Uber is expanding the Record My Ride program, an in-app safety feature that allows drivers in Kansas City to record video during trips using their smartphone camera.

This will eliminate the need of a separate dashcam camera during Uber rides.

Uber has been piloting this feature since 2022 in select cities across the US. Kansas City is one of the latest cities they are expanding this pilot to.  

Record My Ride builds off of the in-app audio recording feature that was rolled out nationwide earlier this year, and is designed to help add another layer of safety to give drivers more peace of mind while on trips.

 The recording features encourage safe and comfortable interactions, and allow Uber to more quickly and fairly resolve any incidents that may arise.

Drivers can set up the feature in the Safety Toolkit in the Uber app. Once enabled, the feature will automatically record each trip using the driver’s smartphone camera.

The recording will automatically stop after the trip is completed and automatically start again shortly before the driver’s next trip begins. Drivers can preview what their camera is recording so they can make sure it is positioned correctly before they start driving.

Riders will see a notification in the app if they are matched with a driver who has the feature enabled. Once a recording is completed, the file is encrypted and stored directly on the driver’s device.

To help protect privacy, no one will be able to watch the recording, including Uber, unless the driver submits a safety report to Uber and attaches the encrypted file.

Drivers will begin to see this feature in their app in the coming weeks. Drivers will also receive an email, explaining more about the feature and how it will work.