UCM fraternities displaced from housing to new dorms since building’s heat isn’t working

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WARRENSBURG, Mo. — The University of Central Missouri’s Fraternity Complex was set to close its doors in Spring of 2021. But now, its tenants are forced to pack up and move sooner than expected.

Just four weeks before final exams, members of UCM’s Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity are planning to relocate from one dorm to another, across campus.

“Basically we got a notification from the university on Sunday that said that the fraternity complex was permanently closing,” TKE member Shannon Loerzel said.

Now, along with the six other fraternities who live in this complex, they have until Sunday to move out.

In a statement to FOX4, UCM said the the heat in the complex isn’t working.

Loerzel said the dorm has lots of other problems, too.

“A few weeks ago, there was a pipe that burst,” Loerzel said. “It spilled all over my refrigerator, my power cables and flooded my room to probably about ankle height. That’s not been an abnormal issue.”

Tau Kappa Epsilon said the school makes it mandatory for at least 80% of the chapter’s sophomores to live here. Last semester they were fined $500 for not meeting the requirement.

“It’s been definitely a mixed experience. We’ve been together as brothers. That’s really the only plus in this. But conditions wise, it’s a definite struggle,” Tau Kappa Epsilon member Colby “Chowder” Crowder said.

Now, with no place to call their own, Tau Kappa Epsilon is unsure about the future of Greek Life.

The university said it has no immediate plans to repair the building. That’s why they’re moving everyone who lives inside this complex to dorms on the main campus.

Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon have set up a GoFundeme to help pay for permanent housing. They said without it, their numbers will likely drop because this will affect recruitment.

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